Advanced Program in Industrial
Data Science (APIDS) ...

SQL, Bigdata and Scala Statistical Programming:

Advanced Program in Data Analytics (APDA)

The Advanced Program in Data Analytics (APDA) delivers comprehensive training in data analytics with a focus on practical industry applications. This program provides a holistic skill set essential for addressing industry demands, emphasizing DBMS programming, data analysis, advanced visualization, storytelling dashboard creation, and advanced analytics for predictive model and strategic action building.

Course Curriculum

What you will learn in (APIDS)?

First step to learn DBMS Programming skills that helps in managing complex data model from various sources of information files. Combine these files into structured form for data to analysis and reporting.

  • Excel Base and Advanced
  • SQL Base and Advanced Programming
  • Python Base and Advanced Programming
  • SAS Base and Advanced Programming
  • R Base and Advanced Programming
  • Alteryx

Second step is to develop descriptive analytics by transforming data into business KPI and present insights in a storytelling dashboard using advanced reporting and visualization applications.

  • Excel Reporting and Dashboard
  • Tableau Reporting and Visualizations
  • Power BI Reporting and Visualizations
  • Qlikview Reporting and Visualizations
Third step to Explore Data Analysis (EDA) using Advanced Analytics techniques to predict future outcomes based on history patterns.
  • Advanced Analytics in Excel
  • Advanced Analytics in SAS
  • Advanced Analytics in Python
  • Advanced Analytics in R
Automate actions from known patterns using supervised and unsupervised machine learning, which can help you uncover new data patterns. Develop Al-centric businesses use reinforcement learning for recommender systems.
  • Machine Learning in Python
  • Deep Learning on Python, Keras and Tensorflow
  • AI in Python

A learning that makes you responsible for

  • Analyze large datasets to identify patterns, trends, and relationships.
  • Clean and preprocess data to ensure its quality and suitability for analysis.
  • Exploratory data analysis (EDA) techniques are employed to gain a deeper understanding of the data.
  • Use visualization tools and techniques to present findings in a clear and understandable manner. Visualizations such as charts, graphs, and dashboards help stakeholders interpret complex data and make informed decisions.
  • Visualization also aids in communicating insights effectively to non-technical stakeholders.
  • Apply machine learning algorithms to develop predictive models and make data-driven decisions.
  • Train models on historical data to recognize patterns and make predictions or classifications on new data.
  • Use techniques include regression, classification, clustering, and deep learning, among others.
  • Use Generative AI techniques, such as generative adversarial networks (GANs) or variational autoencoders (VAEs), are used to create new data instances.
  • Employ generative AI for tasks like data augmentation, synthetic data generation, or image and text generation.
  • Utilize cloud computing platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud to deploy machine learning models at scale.
  • Cloud platforms infrastructure and services for model hosting, monitoring, and management.
  • Facilitate seamless integration with other cloud-based services and enable automatic scaling based on demand.
  • Cloud deployment ensures accessibility, scalability, reliability, and security of deployed models.

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    Retail Marketing

    The world we live in is evolving every day. There are significant changes in the retail market as opposed to how it was a decade or two ago. With sales worth trillions of dollars worldwide, retail industry is expected to develop even further in the coming days. Data Analytics can be used in the retail industry for various reliable decisions. Be it customer retention or sales prediction, we can develop models using data to provide the best possible solutions.

    • Targeted customer communication
    • Price optimization
    • Demand prediction and inventory management
    • Customer experience enhancement
    • Market trend prediction
    • Customer retention
    • Strategic business decisions to increase sales


    The remarkable variations that have happened in the banking industry over the past few years are not momentary. Many organizations are adapting to the latest trends in technology and are changing their business structure for enhanced security and the best customer experience. To make better business decisions, banks need to connect various data from both structured and unstructured sources. Banking analytics aids in providing valuable insights by gathering, processing, and analyzing data.

    • Customer identification and acquisition
    • Portfolio analysis and risk management
    • Customer retention
    • Credit risk analysis
    • Collection analysis
    • Marketing analysis


    Telecommunication industry has encountered extraordinary changes over the past few decades. From satellite internet to 5G services, the industry continues to grow together with the advancements in technology. With every company racing to get the best services delivered to each customer, it is challenging to gain a competitive advantage. Telecommunication data analytics (telecom analytics) can help solve your complex business problems by finding the most optimal solutions, using various statistical approaches such as data mining, data manipulation, descriptive modeling, or predictive modeling. We can discern and analyze the existing trends to find the most favorable outcome. Data analytics can help you save operational costs, maximize your profits, increase the sales, and even manage risks.

    • Targeted customer communication
    • Price optimization
    • Demand prediction and inventory management
    • Customer experience enhancement
    • Market trend prediction
    • Customer retention
    • Strategic business decisions to increase sales


    Ecommerce refers to trade that happens over the internet. Through online stores, it is possible to purchase a wide variety of products using your computer, tablet, smartphone, or other smart devices. Since ecommerce businesses exist in a virtual space, they need effective ecommerce analytics to predict the changes in the market. Ecommerce analytics can provide actionable insights on various aspects such as interaction of shoppers, online shopping trends, and common interests. Using statistical approaches, we can anticipate changes in the market, analyse risk, and make better business decisions.
    • Information analysis
    • Inventory forecasting
    • Customer experience analysis and targeted customer communication
    • Fraud prevention
    • Marketing analysis
    • Price optimization


    Healthcare is a collective term for hospital services, medical devices, pharmaceutical services, insurance services, and any other medical care provisions provided for an individual or a community. It is said that prevention is always better than cure. While we cannot always prevent an event from occurring, we can always be prepared for its arrival. By gathering data, analyzing trends, and predicting possible outcomes, the application of Data Analytics in the healthcare industry are limitless. The insights that we obtain from healthcare data can support in making decisions that can have a significant business impact.
    • Risk Analysis
    • Insurance claim analysis
    • Operations analysis
    • Patient care analysis
    • Performance monitoring
    • Operational and interactive dashboards

    What requirement do you needs?

    There are no prerequisites to attend this course online or ofline.
    Elementary programming knowledge will be of advantage.

    Training Supports & Benefits

    • Learn from the World’s Best Faculty & Industry Experts
    • Learn with fun Hands-on Exercises & Assignments
    • Participate in Hackathons & Group Activities
    • Dedicated Faculty
    • 9AM to 6 PM Support
    • Participate in Hackathons & Group Activities
    • Resume Building & Mock Interview Prep​aration.
    • We offer personalized access to our Learning Management System (LMS).
    • Moc Interview Practise + Real time Test

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      • Reflecting on my time at DV Analytics Training Institute, it was a truly quality and interesting experience. The curriculum was enriching, and the engaging learning environment made every aspect of the training enjoyable. Grateful for the valuable skills gained during this memorable journey

        Dvanalytics Sales 1 Avatar Dvanalytics Sales 1

        This is the best career decision I have made till date to join in DV Analytics. Dev sir explanation is top notch. He covers a lot of content in very short time while making sure it is easy to understand. Assignments helped me to get deeper understanding of the concepts explained in class. Materials and recording sessions are to the point for quick revision as well as to clear our doubts on our own. This is my experience till now. Looking forward to update it on curriculum and placements.

        Manideep Kasina Avatar Manideep Kasina

        I am a student of DV Analytics. And I m not from IT background but because of the #faculties and #Dev sir I feel I can be a data scientist nd I will definitely achieve my goals. Thank you 😊 #DVAnalytics

        Supriya Mona Avatar Supriya Mona

        I'm a student at DV Analytics right now, and I couldn't be more satisfied. I wholeheartedly endorse DV Analytics to anyone wishing to advance their data analytics skills, whether they are novices or seasoned professionals. The course material is interesting and applicable. Deb Sir is a true Data Scientist expert, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. Thank you, DV Analytics!

        ajit Avatar ajit

        Five stars for DV Analytics! The courses are well-structured, and the institute's commitment to empowering students in data science and AI is evident. Grateful for the knowledge and confidence gained here.

        Harsha Damaraju Avatar Harsha Damaraju

        Best institute for learning data science for your career opportunities. I have earned a high package job thank you dv analytic

        Lokeshwari Loki Avatar Lokeshwari Loki
      • I am a DV Student and having a great experience of learning. I have built a good programming skill. Everything seemed impossible and I was not so confident about my programming skills before joining DV but now the things have changed....I am confident enough with my programming skills. A Special Thanks to Dev Sir our Teacher who worked so hard for each and every student to be successful

        Abdul Sahid Avatar Abdul Sahid

        It's a best institute to start a carrier in Data science, trust me you have the best teachers who are teaching here. "DV Analytics Training Institute" is a second home for me. I am a beginner to this field but before coming here i thought that this may be difficult for me, but no problem every path is hard before walking into it. Ask Dev sir for the guidance, I am 100% sure that he will guide you throughout your entire journey of Data Science. Thanks to DV analytics for providing me a nice platform where i am feeling much confident.

        raj pahan Avatar raj pahan

        Dv is the great place to learn Data Science. Dev Sir is very committed to every student's success. All classes are live, and all doubts are clarified. The live projects are the key point to achieve success. The class material and assignments is more than adequate for you to grasp all concepts. I would highly recommend for anyone interested in Data Science to join DV analytics

        Abhisek Debata Avatar Abhisek Debata

        Great place to learn! Dev Sir is very committed to every student's success. They have started offering online classes since the pandemic began. All classes are live, and all doubts are clarified. The class material and assignments is more than adequate for you to grasp all concepts. I would highly recommend for anyone interested in Data Science.

        Shreejil PV Avatar Shreejil PV

        DV Analytics Training Institute boasts a friendly work culture that fosters collaboration. The training environment is conducive to effective learning, with supportive instructors and a management team that genuinely cares about your success. A fantastic place to grow your skills and build a solid foundation for a successful career.

        Prasantika Mohapatra Avatar Prasantika Mohapatra

        It's the Best institute with awesome and enthusiastic mentors.I was searching for the training institute for long time and got this. If you want to go for Data scientist/Data Analyst course must join DV.

        Priyanshi Avatar Priyanshi
      • Best institute for Data Science. People from any educational background can join this institute in order to start career in data science or data analytics domain.Great place to learn! Dev Sir is very committed to every student's success

        Babu Hussain Avatar Babu Hussain

        One of the best and finest institute to learn Data Science . Mr.Dev sir teaches good subject with real time examples. They have amazing industry updated syllabus. They also provide internships with guarantee job assistance. I really recommend this institute to learn Data Science course.

        srinija 2000 Avatar srinija 2000

        Brings out the best in an employee. Provides multiple opportunities and avenues to excel. The management has been supportive of new ideas therein enabling a diverse learning curve. The overall culture of the organization is grounded and the fostering in a pleasant manner. The people in charge have set the standards high by practicing a hands on approach. Highly recommended for budding professionals to explore DV Analytics as a career option.

        Vivian Peter Avatar Vivian Peter

        DV Analytics is a best Data Science Institute. With a wide and extraordinary classes, they also helps us with business development strategies, projects across different industries. The courses that I looked to gain knowledge in Ai and machine learning and etc. One can have a decent learning experience with long hours devoted to the course. Offers project based learning which we can use in real time as it helps us to enhance our decision making abilities. Dev sir is really a good person and have broad knowledge across data analytics industry

        Chandan A Avatar Chandan A

        D V Analytics is best training institute in India for learning DATA SCIENCE. Experienced Faculty (Dev Sir) and Helpful & communicative support staff is among the best team i have come through. I am from non-IT background, but still able to understand the content. Content is not only easy to understand, also is designed according to industry needs. Overall a Great Experience.

        Vibhash Pateria Avatar Vibhash Pateria

        DV Analytics Training Institute boasts a friendly work culture that fosters collaboration. The training environment is conducive to effective learning, with supportive instructors and a management team that genuinely cares about your CAREER

        sahal roshan Avatar sahal roshan
      • DV is best choice if you are deciding to build Data Science as a professional career. The best thing about DV is the Mentor- Mentee Strategy adopted by them for hand holding of each student till they get Placement. Further, they conduct various Trainings/ Workshops by Industry Experts who helps students to understand the use of various Data Science Tools in real world.

        Duryadha Sethi Avatar Duryadha Sethi

        Certainly! DV Analytics stands out as the best data science training institute with placement support. The comprehensive curriculum, expert trainers, and hands-on projects provide a robust learning experience. The institute's emphasis on real-world skills and industry connections ensures students are well-prepared for the job market. The dedicated support staff and effective placement assistance make it an ideal choice for aspiring data scientists. I am grateful for my experience there, and I am now confidently pursuing a career in data science, all thanks to DV Analytics.

        Sri Rangam Avatar Sri Rangam

        DV Analytics is a highly professional institute dedicated to enlighten the students towards the path of data science.Supportive staff interactive and regular classes with a vision to make one find success. and the best parts is the placement

        Abdul Sameer. Dv analytics Avatar Abdul Sameer. Dv analytics

        As a student, I can confidently say DV Analytics is the best data science training institute with placement. The instructors are incredibly skilled, the learning environment is supportive, and the placement opportunities provided are outstanding. I am grateful for the knowledge gained and the career prospects this institute has opened up for me. Highly recommended!

        vidhya Lakshimi Thamilselvun Avatar vidhya Lakshimi Thamilselvun

        The great course structure. I am very much satisfied the way classes are delivered. Suggest to join others looking for Data Science courses.🙂

        Ashish Rauat Avatar Ashish Rauat

        Dv analytics is a good place to learn Data science enhance our technical skills. My experience at this center was really great. good training environment, Friendly work culture, supportive management.

        Karthik Mutyala Avatar Karthik Mutyala



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